Segment Beyond View: Handling Partially Missing Modality for Audio-Visual Semantic Segmentation

Renjie Wu, Hu Wang, Feras Dayoub, and Tim Chen
AAAI 2024
WebVLN: Vision-and-Language Navigation on Websites

Qi Chen, Dileepa Pitawela, Gengze Zhou, Tim Chen, and Qi Wu
AAAI 2024
Learning Subjective Image Quality Assessment for Transvaginal Ultrasound Scans from Multi-Annotator Labels

Daniel Petashvili, Hu Wang, Alison Deslandes, Jodie Avery, George Condous, Gustavo Carneiro, Mary Hull, Tim Chen
ISBI 2024
The Effect of Visual and Auditory Modality Mismatching between Distraction and Warning on Pedestrian Street Crossing Behavior

Renjie Wu, and Tim Chen
[paper] [youtube]
An EEG-based Experiment on VR Sickness and Postural Instability While Walking in Virtual Environments

Carlos A. Tirado Cortes, Chin-Teng Lin, Tien-Thong Nguyen Do, and Tim Chen
IEEE VR 2023
[paper] [youtube]
In Defense of Kalman Filtering for Polyp Tracking from Colonoscopy Videos

David Butler, Yuan Zhang, Tim Chen, Seon Ho Shin, Rajvinder Singh, and Gustavo Carneiro
Error-related potential-based shared autonomy via deep recurrent reinforcement learning

Xiaofei Wang, Tim Chen, and Chin-Teng Lin
Journal of Neural Engineering 2022
The Effects of Virtual and Physical Elevation on Physiological Stress during Virtual Reality Height Exposure

Howe Yuan Zhu, Tim Chen, and Chin-Teng Lin
IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics 2021
[paper] [youtube]
Effects of Level of Immersion on Virtual Training Transfer of Bimanual Assembly Tasks

Songjia Shen, Tim Chen, William Raffe, and Tuck Wah Leong
Frontiers in VR 2021
[paper] [youtube]
A Drone Nearly Hit Me! A Reflection on the Human Factors of Drone Collisions

Howe Yuan Zhu, Eirene Margaret Magsino, Sanjid Mahmood Hamim, Chin-Teng Lin, and Tim Chen
[paper] [youtube]
The Impact of Hand Movement Velocity on Cognitive Conflict Processing in a 3D Object Selection Task in Virtual Reality

Avinash K. Singh, Klaus Gramann, Tim Chen, and Chin-Teng Lin
NeuroImage (h5-i=115) 2020
[paper] [youtube]
Intra-individual Completion Time Modulates the Prediction Error Negativity in a Virtual 3D Object Selection Task

Avinash K. Singh, Tim Chen, Klaus Gramann, and Chin-Teng Lin
IEEE Trans. on Cognitive and Developmental Systems 2020
Evaluating Balance Recovery Techniques for Users Wearing Head-Mounted Display in VR

Carlos A. Tirado Cortes, Tim Chen, Daina Sturnieks, Jaime Garcia, Stephen Lord, and Chin-Teng Lin
IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics 2019
[paper] [youtube]
Analysis of VR Sickness and Gait Parameters During Non-Isometric Virtual Walking with Large Translational Gain

Carlos A. Tirado Cortes, Tim Chen, and Chin-Teng Lin
Towards a Complementary Metric of Haptic Immersion in VR using Event-Related Brain Potentials

Lukas Gehrke, Sezen Akman, Pedro Lopes, Albert Chen, Avinash Kumar Singh, Tim Chen, Chin-Teng Lin, Klaus Gramann.
ACM CHI 2019
Visual Appearance Modulates Prediction Error in Virtual Reality

Avinash K. Singh, Tim Chen, Yu-Feng Cheng, Jung-Tai King, Li-Wei Ko, Klaus Gramann, and Chin-Teng Lin
IEEE Access 2018
[paper] [youtube]
TrussFab: Fabricating Sturdy Large-Scale Structures on Desktop 3D Printers

Robert Kovacs, Anna Seufert, Ludwig Wall, Tim Chen, Florian Meinel, Willi Müller, Si-jing You, Maximilian Brehm, Jonathan Striebel, Yannis Kommana, Alexander Popiak, Thomas Bläsius, and Patrick Baudisch
ACM CHI 2017
[paper] [youtube]
Metamaterial Mechanisms

Alexandra Ion, Johannes Frohnhofen, Ludwig Wall, Robert Kovacs, Mirela Alistar,  Jack Lindsay,  Pedro Lopes, Tim Chen, and Patrick Baudisch
[paper] [youtube]
Icon Set Selection via Human Computation

Lasse Laursen,  Yuki Koyama,  Tim Chen,  Elena Garces,  Diego Gutierrez, Richard Harper,  Takeo Igarashi
Pacific Graphics 2016
[paper] [youtube]
Data-driven History List for Image Editing

Tim Chen,  Li-Yi Wei,  Björn Hartmann,  and Maneesh Agrawala
ACM I3D 2016
[paper] [youtube]
LaserStacker: Creating Non-Planar Objects using a Laser Cutter Without Need for Manual Assembly

Udayan Umapathi,  Tim Chen,  Stefanie Mueller, Ludwig Wall, Anna Seufert, and Patrick Baudisch
[paper] [youtube]
Protopiper: Physically Sketching Room-Sized Objects at Actual Scale

Harshit Agrawal,  Udayan Umapathi,  Robert Kovacs, Johannes Frohnhofen,  Tim Chen,  Stefanie Mueller,  and Patrick Baudisch
[paper] [youtube]
Platener: Low-Fidelity Fabrication of 3D Objects by Substituting 3D Print with Laser-Cut Plates

Dustin Beyer, Serafima Gurevich,  Stefanie Mueller,  Tim Chen,  and Patrick Baudisch
ACM CHI 2015
[paper] [youtube]
Autocomplete Painting Repetition

Jun Xing,  Tim Chen, and Li-Yi Wei
ACM Trans. on Graphics 2014
[paper] [youtube]
History Assisted View Authoring for 3D Models

Tim Chen,  Tovi Grossman,  Li-Yi Wei,  Ryan Schmidt,  Bjorn Hartmann, George Fitzmaurice, and Maneesh Agrawala
ACM CHI 2014
[paper] [youtube]
Facetons: Face Primitives with Adaptive Bounds for 3D Architectural Building in Virtual Environment

Naoki Sasaki,  Tim Chen,  Daisuke Sakamoto, and Takeo Igarashi
[paper] [youtube]
Interactive Physics-based Ink Splattering Art Creation

Eugene Lei, Ying-Chieh Chen, Tim Chen,  and Chun-Fa Chang
Computer Graphics Forum 2013
[paper] [youtube]
Nonlinear Revision Control for Images

Tim Chen,  Li-Yi Wei, and Chun-Fa Chang
ACM Trans. on Graphics  2011
[paper] [youtube]