The Effect of Visual and Auditory Modality Mismatching between Distraction and Warning on Pedestrian Street Crossing Behavior

Renjie Wu, and Tim Chen
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An EEG-based Experiment on VR Sickness and Postural Instability While Walking in Virtual Environments

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Error-related potential-based shared autonomy via deep recurrent reinforcement learning

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The Effects of Virtual and Physical Elevation on Physiological Stress during Virtual Reality Height Exposure

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Effects of Level of Immersion on Virtual Training Transfer of Bimanual Assembly Tasks

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Frontiers in VR 2021
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A Drone Nearly Hit Me! A Reflection on the Human Factors of Drone Collisions

Howe Yuan Zhu, Eirene Margaret Magsino, Sanjid Mahmood Hamim, Chin-Teng Lin, and Tim Chen
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The Impact of Hand Movement Velocity on Cognitive Conflict Processing in a 3D Object Selection Task in Virtual Reality

Avinash K. Singh, Klaus Gramann, Tim Chen, and Chin-Teng Lin
NeuroImage (h5-i=115) 2020
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Intra-individual Completion Time Modulates the Prediction Error Negativity in a Virtual 3D Object Selection Task

Avinash K. Singh, Tim Chen, Klaus Gramann, and Chin-Teng Lin
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Evaluating Balance Recovery Techniques for Users Wearing Head-Mounted Display in VR

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IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics 2019
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Analysis of VR Sickness and Gait Parameters During Non-Isometric Virtual Walking with Large Translational Gain

Carlos A. Tirado Cortes, Tim Chen, and Chin-Teng Lin
Towards a Complementary Metric of Haptic Immersion in VR using Event-Related Brain Potentials

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Visual Appearance Modulates Prediction Error in Virtual Reality

Avinash K. Singh, Tim Chen, Yu-Feng Cheng, Jung-Tai King, Li-Wei Ko, Klaus Gramann, and Chin-Teng Lin
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[paper] [youtube]
TrussFab: Fabricating Sturdy Large-Scale Structures on Desktop 3D Printers

Robert Kovacs, Anna Seufert, Ludwig Wall, Tim Chen, Florian Meinel, Willi Müller, Si-jing You, Maximilian Brehm, Jonathan Striebel, Yannis Kommana, Alexander Popiak, Thomas Bläsius, and Patrick Baudisch
ACM CHI 2017
[paper] [youtube]
Metamaterial Mechanisms

Alexandra Ion, Johannes Frohnhofen, Ludwig Wall, Robert Kovacs, Mirela Alistar,  Jack Lindsay,  Pedro Lopes, Tim Chen, and Patrick Baudisch
[paper] [youtube]
Icon Set Selection via Human Computation

Lasse Laursen,  Yuki Koyama,  Tim Chen,  Elena Garces,  Diego Gutierrez, Richard Harper,  Takeo Igarashi
Pacific Graphics 2016
[paper] [youtube]
Data-driven History List for Image Editing

Tim Chen,  Li-Yi Wei,  Björn Hartmann,  and Maneesh Agrawala
ACM I3D 2016
[paper] [youtube]
LaserStacker: Creating Non-Planar Objects using a Laser Cutter Without Need for Manual Assembly

Udayan Umapathi,  Tim Chen,  Stefanie Mueller, Ludwig Wall, Anna Seufert, and Patrick Baudisch
[paper] [youtube]
Protopiper: Physically Sketching Room-Sized Objects at Actual Scale

Harshit Agrawal,  Udayan Umapathi,  Robert Kovacs, Johannes Frohnhofen,  Tim Chen,  Stefanie Mueller,  and Patrick Baudisch
[paper] [youtube]
Platener: Low-Fidelity Fabrication of 3D Objects by Substituting 3D Print with Laser-Cut Plates

Dustin Beyer, Serafima Gurevich,  Stefanie Mueller,  Tim Chen,  and Patrick Baudisch
ACM CHI 2015
[paper] [youtube]
Autocomplete Painting Repetition

Jun Xing,  Tim Chen, and Li-Yi Wei
ACM Trans. on Graphics 2014
[paper] [youtube]
History Assisted View Authoring for 3D Models

Tim Chen,  Tovi Grossman,  Li-Yi Wei,  Ryan Schmidt,  Bjorn Hartmann, George Fitzmaurice, and Maneesh Agrawala
ACM CHI 2014
[paper] [youtube]
Facetons: Face Primitives with Adaptive Bounds for 3D Architectural Building in Virtual Environment

Naoki Sasaki,  Tim Chen,  Daisuke Sakamoto, and Takeo Igarashi
[paper] [youtube]
Interactive Physics-based Ink Splattering Art Creation

Eugene Lei, Ying-Chieh Chen, Tim Chen,  and Chun-Fa Chang
Computer Graphics Forum 2013
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Nonlinear Revision Control for Images

Tim Chen,  Li-Yi Wei, and Chun-Fa Chang
ACM Trans. on Graphics  2011
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